The management of DLY Electronic follows a policy based on the concept of dynamic quality. The purpose of this policy is to ensure total satisfaction for all of our customers, shareholders and employees through the continuous development and improvement of products, services and the skills of our employees.

The purpose of certification is to develop, implement and improve the efficiency of the quality management system in order to increase the satisfaction of all our customers.

All staff is involved in DLY Electronic Quality Policy and any business process is continuously monitored. This system is manifested in actions and management techniques, applied throughout the organization and production system in a systematic, planned and documented, aimed at achieving the following objectives:

  • Obtaining the full satisfaction of customers
  • Achieving improved levels of market competitiveness
  • Constant and continuous improvement of product design
  • Continuous improvement of the quality system

Decisive for the quality system is the selection of our suppliers and therefore control the quality of raw materials and components. Of fundamental importance for the achievement of quality goals is the contribution from our customers, any reason because of dissatisfaction by a customer is analyzed by management in order to find and eliminate their causes.