Rogowski flexible current sensors

Rogowski flexible current sensors

The CRC rogowski sensor is an alternating current measurement device. Unlike current sensors with ferromagnetic core, the linearity of the Rogowski sensor makes it specifically indicated to measure high currents. Thanks to a wide measurement range, CRC current sensors cover a wide current range.
The CRC measures the load currents of an electrical system and send the data to meters.

The CRC flexible current sensors can be connected to EMS-96 and EMA-90N.The CRC flexible sensor range is specially designed for existing installations restricted by strict integration constraints or with high-intensity currents. The lack of a ferromagnetic core makes the Rogowski sensor linear even with high currents.


• The conductor should not be near the opening/closing mechanism to avoid compromising measurement accuracy.  
• The coil should not pinch the conductor to avoid compromising measurement accuracy.
• The coil-phase correspondence must be correct.

• Connect CRC sensors to the meters.
• Press the opening/closing mechanism pressure points and open the coil.
• Place the coil around the conductor making sure the  opening/closing mechanism arrow matches the current direction.
• Close the coil.