KAR4-H Earth leakage Relays

KAR4-H Earth leakage Relays


Unit equivalent to 4 earth leakage protection networks. Features 4 independent programmable relays. Four inputs for connecting the external toroidal transformers of the CT-1 series. Type-A relay with third harmonic filtering (settable). True root mean square (TRMS) measure. Fail safe function for each four relays. Log tripped residual current.

- Compact size: 3 modules

- Features 4 independent programmable outputs




The KAR4-H multipoint earth leakage system associated with the CT-1 transformers offers smart earth leakage protection. Its design features guarantee maximum security and electrical service continuity, avoiding unwanted tripping. Viewing the instantaneous leakage value on the display, together with the prealarm indicators, makes it possible to obtain information on the status of lines to be protected, and to perform adequate preventive maintenance.


In addition, version KAR4-H 485 features RS-485 communications, with Modbus RTU protocol, offers centralised supervision in real time, as well as keeping a log of historical data for future analysis.